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About Us

FRP TANK MANUFACTURER, Since the foundation of our company in year 1980 we formerly known as “ PRASHANT PLASTIC WORKS” since2010
we have been known as “PRASHANT PLASTIC INDUSTRIES LLP” serving the industry as a manufacturer, exporter
and retailer of Industrial Process Equipment. Manufacturer using qualitative raw material, these equipment comply
to the industrial norms and standards of quality. Due to the low maintenance, anti-corrosiveness, sturdiness and
superior performance, our equipment find numerous applications in plants, soap manufacturers, agrochemicals, steel
plants, pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals, oil and paper & pulp industries. Owing to the above mentioned attributes of
the equipment. With the assistance of our highly qualified professionals, we offer after sales services for the products.
In addition, the equipment can be customized as per the specifications given by customer. So many years of excellence
enabled us to serve the some of the major markets across nation like South East Asia, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Indian
Subcontinent, Middle East and East Asia.

We manufacture the equipment so as to keep these abreast with the latest development and up gradation taking place
in the market. Further, our quality auditors make sure that the finished products have zero defects before dispatching
these to customers. Our sales & marketing staff makes sure that the products are safely and timely delivered to the
clients’ premises. We have received huge appreciation from our esteemed customers. Moreover, with the help of
motivation and domain expertise, we achieve our business objective within the committed time span.



We make full use of the latest technology to develop new products and work to continuously improve quality. Innovation is our strength, but it’s not the only one. Our clients trust us to deliver quality projects while delivering optimal value. Our facility is ISO 9001-2008 certified and our stringent quality system ensures compliance with international IEC standards. Rigorous procedures include inspection and quality control at all stages of the manufacturing process, from raw material intake, manufacturing and painting, assembly (work in progress) to finished product, to modern Indian and international standards. Compliance is guaranteed. Standard tests are performed on all products. Mutually agreed and approved forms of custom testing are also performed. Using state-of-the-art fully calibrated test equipment, each product is fully tested prior to packaging and shipment. After commissioning, further tests are carried out at the installation site to ensure 100% reliability and optimum performance.

The company is committed to the highest quality and goes to great lengths to achieve this. All our products are manufactured in compliance with quality standards. Our quality products are tested and validated for durability, precision, and accuracy to ensure you get your money’s worth. Apart from that, we also offer third-party commodity inspections to ensure that all our products meet international quality standards and are manufactured precisely to customer specifications to meet specific standards.

Glass Reinforced Plastic water tanks, are now the leading industry standard water containment unit currently found on the market. Given their lightweight, sturdy yet workable fibreglass design, GRP tanks provide safe storage for water without the risk of corrosion or contamination from bacteria.
FRP Tank with ladders are commonly used in industrial environments to provide access to heights or to allow safe escape in an emergency. If you want a reliable, durable and strong ladder, we recommend choosing a glass fiber reinforced plastic ladder from Marco Specialty Steel.
FRP chemical storage tanks (also known as FRP chemical storage vessels) are manufactured using a filament winding process and are designed to store highly corrosive chemicals such as acids, alkalis, alcohols, mineral oils and esters .
FRP (also known as Glass Reinforced Plastic, GRP or Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) is a modern composite material used in the construction of chemical plants such as tanks and vessels.

Properties of Frp

  • Chemical resistance: FRP materials are also resistant to a variety of chemicals, making them useful in chemical processing and storage applications.
  • Electrical insulation: FRP materials are good electrical insulators, making them useful in electrical applications.
  • Dimensional stability: FRP materials have good dimensional stability, meaning they maintain their shape and size over time.
  • Durability: FRP materials are durable and have a long lifespan, making them a good choice for long-term applications.
  • Non-conductive: FRP materials are non-conductive, which makes them useful in electrical applications where conductivity is a concern

Types of FRP

Epoxy – Excellent composite properties. Very good chemical resistance. Good thermal properties. Very good electrical properties. Low shrinkage on curing. Can be B-staged. 

Phenolic – Very good thermal properties. Good fire resistance (self-extinguishing). B-stage possible. Good electrical properties 

Polyester – Wide choice of resins; easy to use. Cure at room temperature and elevated temperature. Very good composite properties. Good chemical resistance. Good electrical properties. 

Vinyl ester – Good fatigue resistance. Excellent composite properties. Very good chemical resistance. Good toughness


I meet with Mr. Prashant Singh during the year 2010, and we became very good friend in a short time, because he is a very nice person. He is very friendly and understanding in nature.

We had taken no's of Storage tanks from Prashant plastic Industries LLP. The material supplied is made from high quality raw material that's why their finished product is also best in quality and rates.

Sanjay Shah