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Industrial Process Equipment for Water Treatment Plant

FRP Chemical Storage Tanks We are manufacturing PP/FRP & FRP Chemical Storage tanks / Process tanks / Reaction vessels as per BS: 4994 in vertical cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical, spherical & special configuration. upto 50 KL
Today's word FRP is widely used as material of construction for chemical process equipments and storage answer in chemical industries. It is considered one of the best material having high resistance against corrosion and has very high strength and light weight, (Tensile strength 10000 to 30000 Psi Density I to 1.5 ms/cm ) and high die electric properties It doesn't require any painting and very easy to handle and easily repairable if there is any problem. So far FRP Rubber lined or HDPE. Now we made it cheaper by improved production.
We design and manufacture FRP tanks as per customers requirement. Given data are based on atmospheric storage at ambient temperature. Data for higher capacity tanks and elevated temperature and pressure is provided on request. We manufacture tanks with material of construction (M.O.C.) like Isopthalic polyester, Bisphenole and Epoxy based vinyl esters. Dual 1-raminato tanks like PVC/FRP, PP/FRP, PVD,7/FR0., ECTFE/FRP etc. is also in our production line. Selection of M.O.C. is depends on parameters like the fluid media and temperature. Standard nozzles like inlet, outlet, Drain and vent will be provided on all tanks as standard accessories, manhole will be provided on tanks, above 5,000 , litr6s capacity. Additional connections and accessories on request. Reinforced FRP stiffeners is provided on top and shell for tank capacity above 10,000 liters. Tank top Is designed to take live load of four persons weight Capacity ranging from 1000 litres to 3,00,000 litres is manufactured by us.

Our range :

   FPR Tanks
   Pipe Lines
   Fume Hood
   GRP Covers